Make your injection molding projects faster and cheaper

The world's best plastic injection molding simulation and optimization technology available to you.

Premium Simulation and Optimization tools

Fast and accurate simulation, unique automated optimization technology

Save time, money and stress during part and mould construction

Boost your first-time right rate, reduce costly correction loops by 50%, and reduce cycle times by up to 30%, using these premium, German-engineered software tools. Get faster time to market. Supports all leading CAD formats.

Benefits of CADMOULD and VARIMOS Our customers achieve great things with our German-engineered simulation and optimization solutions

Our customers achieve great things with our German-engineered simulation and
optimization solutions

First-time right

Simulate and optimize filling, and fix shrinkage and warpage issues virtually, before you build the physical mould. More first-time right and fewer costly correction loops!

Reduce cost

Cut down on correction loops and optimize process parameters to reduce cycle times, temperatures, clamping forces and energy use

Get to market faster

You can test different variants much faster in simulation than in physical production. And our software features the fastest plastic injection molding simulation engine in the world. Get to market faster!

Tailor it to your needs

There is a package for every purpose, and you can tailor it to what you need. No need to buy what you don't need. No hidden fees

Unique automatic optimization VARIMOS

Our unique optimization tool VARIMOS® automatically finds optimized solutions for your part and mold. It tests variants of your preferred solution, shows you how changes in the parameters impact quality, and mathematically optimizes the result

German-engineered quality obsession

Product development is based in SIMCON’s HQ in Germany. Founder and CEO Dr. Paul Filz puts it this way: “We live German engineering values. This means we care deeply about quality, precision and efficiency. We are detail-oriented, but we also know how to get things done in practice.”

World-class support

In addition to software, our experts provide practical support and services, by phone, online and in person. They understand the realities of your work, based on thousands of projects worth of experience.